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16 Moving Hacks to Remove Stress


  1.  Purge!  Purge! Purge! If you haven’t used it in the last year, donate it!  Down-sizing prior to your move will cut down on moving costs and  ultimately, de-clutter your life! It feels good to travel light! 
  2.  Free  moving boxes can be found by asking around on Kijiji, Craigslist, and  FaceBook. People are always moving and they often need help with  disposing of their packing supplies. 
  3.  If  you can’t find free moving supplies, you can always find what you need  at places such as Uhaul, Home Depot, Kemel Cartons, Shipper’s Supply  Inc. An alternative to cardboard boxes is FrogBox, an eco-friendly,  re-usable, stacking moving box that you can rent! And they deliver and pick up!
  4.  Pack your suitcases and bags before using boxes. This will enable you to use all those nooks and crannies in your vehicle!
  5.  Label your boxes on top and on all 4 sides for easy identification! Your moving company will love you!
  6.  Remember to pack heavy items on the bottom of the boxes to prevent crushing your fragile pieces! And for heavier boxes, after taping the bottom, use an  x-acto knife to cut handles into 2 sides of the box before packing!
  7.  Use disposable paper plates or coffee filters and towels or paper towel between dishes to act as padding!
  8.  Use garbage bags with top-ties for your clothes on hangers. 10 to 12 garments should fit nicely into each bag. Just open the top of the bag and slide up from the base of your clothes and tie at the top! This will reduce the number of boxes required and keep wrinkling to a minimum.  Wardrobe boxes are also available from moving supply stores if you still want to hang your clothes.
  9.  Stretch-Wrap, also known as shrinkwrap or plastic wrap, is a life-saver! You can buy a roll at any moving supply store. Use it to wrap appliances, mattresses  and boxsprings, art work, etc.
  10.  Remember, furniture made of particle board (flat-packed, compressed wood items you will find at Wal-Mart, etc.) may not make the move in one piece.  Disassemble if possible or ask your moving company how they would suggest these items be moved. 
  11.  Tall halogen pole lamps can be a problem as they are heavy on both ends and delicate in the middle. It’s best if they are unscrewed and wrapped before moving. 
  12.  Glass shelves, mirrors, and dishes need to be wrapped tightly in order to reduce the risk of cracking. If you pack these items yourself, some moving companies may not cover them under their insurance unless they  themselves wrap them. Best to ask while booking your moving company.
  13.  Take a picture of your cord set-ups! And label each cord! When it’s time to plug everything in, an image of the back of the entertainment system will make life so much easier!
  14.  For any furniture you need to disassemble, make sure you put all the screws and hardware into a ziplock bag!
  15.  Pack an overnight bag in case of unforeseen circumstances with weather, storage issues, equipment and elevator breakdowns, and more.
  16.  Grab a picture of you in front of your home before you leave for the last time! You are moving on! Take life by the horns!